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:star: This is NOT an RP group! If you are looking to RP, you have come to the wrong place!:star:

:iconexcitedspartaplz: !!!!!!!!! ATTENTION !!!!!!!!!! :iconexcitedspartaplz:

Below we have the rules and regulations of the group, what we accept and some helpful links that you can use. You MUST read them thoroughly and completely, or you will not be accepted into the group.

:star: Do not skim them, we WILL know!!!
Seriously guys, it's really NOT that hard. You will NOt be accepted unless you read all the rules, and telling us "I read the rules" in your join request proves you didn't.

:bulletyellow::bulletpink: Use these links to navigate the group:bulletpink::bulletyellow:


*New Join Request policy, read the rules to find out more*


:star:Rules :star:

:bulletgreen: All Members Must Submit a Profile
-If you are looking to submit any art or literature into this group then you MUST submit a profile for your character. The group has it's own profile, do not use a different one. I created two profiles for use in this group, you MUST fill out ONE of the profiles for your characters.

*New cap on characters: all new members can submit a max of TWO characters each. Old members who have more than two can keep their characters, but can not submit any more.

:bulletgreen: No Big Three Children
-The Big Three cabins are closed. We will not be accepting any more Big Three profiles. They are too often poorly made, underdeveloped, Mary-Sue self-inserts who only exist so the creator can live out their wish of being a child of Poseidon or whatever. So, no more.

:bulletgreen: No children of Primordial Deities or Virgin Goddesses
We will not be accepting children of the Primordial Deities or Virgin Goddesses as they do NOT have relations with mortals and look down on them as inferior. If you submit one, they will be declined immediately. Here are the one's we won't be accepting from:
    Chaos - The Void/God of the Nothingness
    Gaea/Gaia - Goddess of the Earth
    Tartarus - The Underworld
    Nyx - the Darkness of Night
    Chronos - God of Time
    Erebus - God of Darkness
    Hemera - Goddess of Daylight
    Uranus - God of the Heavens/Father Sky
    Hestia - VIRGIN Goddess of the Hearth
    Artemis - VIRGIN Goddess of the Hunt

:bulletgreen: Submit to the right folder
Simple. Follow it.

:bulletgreen: No more dolls/character maker pictures or bases
-I know people have submitted work using that doll making site or the character maker here on dA. I have to respectfully ask the people no longer submit these. As you didn't make them, it's not your art, I'd rather there not be anymore. Same with pictures done using bases, I ask that people not submit anymore. I never wanted this group overrun with base art to begin with and you won't get any better as an artist by using them. I don't care if you suck at art, just try and draw it yourself. This only helps you, I promise.

:new::bulletgreen: Only finished work
Please only submit finished pieces of art. We will not accept sketched work or WIPs. Please add a little depth and shading to your pencil work.
*This does not apply to chaptered stories.

:bulletgreen: Do NOT dump
-We are NOT an art dump. This group is for people who are serious about their characters. Do not come here just to drop off some pictures in an attempt to get more favorites. I will remove you.

:bulletgreen: Be active
-Again, do not come here just to dump a picture and try to get more favorites. We're here for fans to interact with each other and grow as artists, writers and creators.

:bulletgreen: No Mary-Sues/Gary-Stus or Self-Inserts
-ALL characters must submit a profile ('tis in the rules). Your profile will be REVIEWED to make sure they are well-developed, realistic, not over-powered characters. I do not sugar-coat anything, but I'm not mean. If you can't handle constructive criticism, don't join the group.
-Do NOT refer to yourself as a "Daughter of Athena", "Son of Hephaestus" or anything of the sort. You are NOT a demigod, your character is. If you do so, you will be ignored.

:bulletgreen: Show Respect
-You WILL show respect to myself, the co-founders, contributors and members of this group. If not, you will be removed immediately. Do NOT bash anyone in this group based on their art, writing, characters or pairings. It's not your place to be an ass.

:bulletgreen: Demi-Titan Rules
-If they show a history of demi-children
-If they are considered a god
-If they were on the side of the Olympian Gods in BOTH wars
-If they are "good" titans
(you must provide proof)

:bulletgreen: Other rules for demi-god acceptance
-We won't accept Demi-God children of Gods who show no evidence/have no history of relating with mortals
(i.e. Khione shows no evidence of relating with mortals or having half-blood children - never mind the fact that in the books she takes the form of a teenager and shows clear disdain of mortals- we won't accept children of her.

:bulletgreen: Please don't butcher the English Language
All stories will be reviewed for decent grammar, spelling and sentence structure.
*We won't go into depth and turn away stories that aren't written perfectly. Not at all. We just want it to be legible and written with a decent skill level.

:bulletgreen: Do NOT submit art to favorites...
UNLESS YOU ARE A MEMBER OF THE GROUP! Do NOT submit your own work to the favorites, it will be turned away. We are not here for you to shamelessly promote yourself, make your own group if you want to do that. Do not ask us to favorite your work, we will say no.

:bulletgreen: Join Requests Must be Reviewed
-Due to some people refusing to read the rules, all join requests are now under review. You will be asked if you've read the rules and won't be accepted until you do. If you break the rules even once, I will remove you. You told me you read the rules, there's no excuse for not following them. Also, if you do not include the phrase "JJ Flip, what the zip" in your join request, you WILL be declined without explanation.
-And if you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask us, we're here to help.

:bulletgreen: most importantly I want you to just have fun here (^_^)


:bulletgreen: What we accept:
-Fan characters (this means non-canon, a character that YOU created yourself)
-Drawings, sketches, paintings, digital and tradition
-Written works

:bulletred: What we DON'T accept:
-Canon characters WITHOUT the presence of a fan character


:bulletpurple::bulletgreen: Here are some helpful links :bulletgreen::bulletpurple:

:bulletpurple: Helpful Hints Blog
:bulletpurple: Mary-Sue Litmus Test
:bulletpurple: Personality Traits List
:bulletpurple: Phobia List
:bulletpurple: Greek Mythology
:bulletpurple: Theoi - Greek Myths
:bulletpurple: Camp Half Blood Wikia
:bulletpurple: Roman Gods
:bulletpurple: List of Melee Weapons

*Important Note*
Just thought I'd let everyone know:
:star: When you submit a character intro they're under review, that doesn't mean they will be accepted. If you can't take constructive criticism on your characters then don't bother joining the group. :star:


Camp Counselor



Volt Zeus by GENZOMAN Volt Zeus :icongenzoman:GENZOMAN 7,437 427 Rawr by miunuu Rawr :iconmiunuu:miunuu 173 44 Percy Jackson CAST by daekazu Percy Jackson CAST :icondaekazu:daekazu 8,896 1,117 Cronus by GENZOMAN Cronus :icongenzoman:GENZOMAN 10,080 486 Eris by GENZOMAN Eris :icongenzoman:GENZOMAN 10,076 416 Iris by GENZOMAN Iris :icongenzoman:GENZOMAN 9,166 584 hades and persephone 1 by sandara hades and persephone 1 :iconsandara:sandara 57,533 2,598 Deep in the Underworld by dark-spider Deep in the Underworld :icondark-spider:dark-spider 12,272 993 Dionysus by jinzilla Dionysus :iconjinzilla:jinzilla 1,117 171 Nico Isn't Emo by Squall-Kaihane Nico Isn't Emo :iconsquall-kaihane:Squall-Kaihane 24 34 Camp Half Blood Cabin Yard by EvJones Camp Half Blood Cabin Yard :iconevjones:EvJones 560 84 Artemis by TaekwondoNJ Artemis :icontaekwondonj:TaekwondoNJ 1,250 47 Gods Temper by elsevilla Gods Temper :iconelsevilla:elsevilla 3,415 339 Thank you 5000 views by Sakura-Martinez Thank you 5000 views :iconsakura-martinez:Sakura-Martinez 183 31 .Hecate. by Blazing-Wolf1763 .Hecate. :iconblazing-wolf1763:Blazing-Wolf1763 58 9 Artemis by MBoulad Artemis :iconmboulad:MBoulad 2,361 293

Video and Tumblr List

Here are links to any of the tumblrs dedicated to characters from the group and such:

Fellowship of Awesome…
DeeRezzed Squall-Kaihane SFJames

Chaos at Camp
night-faery RandomArtz95 Funnygirl345

Home of the Half-Bloods
nessaaa95 AmazingGlideh HgBird TheWizOfOdd

We Are the Demigods

Not Necessarily A Hero…

Clever Title Here
MissHoneyham icantreallydraw901

Ask Stella and Gloria

All or Nothing…

Here I will post links to any videos (or other works) dedicated to the group. (i.e. the videos SFJames made, any videos other might make, maybe a fanfiction dedicated to the group and it's members, etc. Nothing done for the themes or other activities)

:bulletyellow: Camp Half-Blood: Rise of Heroes
:bulletyellow: Greatness | Rise of Heroes
:bulletyellow: Come Back Home | Percianna
:bulletyellow: One Night, One Day | Cry of the Prophet
:bulletyellow: Chance | Cry of the Prophet
:bulletyellow: Becoming Heroes | Cry of the Prophet



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:bulletyellow: Group Rules / :bulletyellow: Cabins List / :bulletyellow:   Profile Page / :bulletyellow: Character Development Tips

Hello all! Sorry to inform you that the Yearbook kind of fell through again. Life happens, we move on. Maybe the group will try for a third time in the future. After all, third time's a charm.

Speaking of future, that's a good segway into what this journal is about.

The Mods all spoke and we've agreed; it's time to move on.

The four of us mods are all adults here, and to be honest, we've lost our drive for this group. We all started here in high school probably, (idk specifics, but I digress), and it's been a great run! We've really enjoyed our time here. But we've all sort of moved on from good ol' dA.

But just because we're old AF doesn't mean this group should die!!

Which is why we're seeking new management!

If anyone wants to run the group, and do with it whatever you want, you are more than welcome!! Just contact me RandomAwesomeWeirdo and I'll make you a mod for the group.

It would be beneficial for the new mods to have at least two (managing a group is trickier than expected), but if you're really ambitious and want to tackle the group management by yourself, be our guest!!

Please consider being a mod! It would be a shame to see such a large community die. If nobody takes up the reins, the group will surely wither away!

Again, please contact RandomAwesomeWeirdo if you want the job!
More Journal Entries

Group Info

!!!!!!! Please read the rules before you try to join !!!!!!

Welcome to Camp Half-Blood: Rise of Heroes. This group is dedicated to Half Bloods; half human children of the Gods. We're here to help Demigods improve themselves and survive out there.
(The group is for OC's - Original Characters - only! You don't have to be a fan of the Percy Jackson series to join)

Founded 6 Years ago
Dec 2, 2010


Group Focus
Common Interest

137 Members
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MangaVolt-Art Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2015  Student Filmographer
Is it alright if I use the Big Three character profile to expand my OC's profile with? Since it has some questions that other Percy Jackson OC profile templates don't (kinda like the tree one, kind of a hilarious story behind it for her).
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Hey! Can someone draw my character Teegan for the yearbook photo? I can draw you something in return or I have a small amount of points I can give. I'm just a traditional artist and I'd really love for it to be digitally drawn! Thanks!
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I have read every inch of this group :3 Now I will start on my character. I will come by to ask for advice if that's okay :D
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Hey~ It's lmbrake on my new account. I reuploaded Paige's profile here: Do you think you could replace the old one with it? (And let me into the group?) 
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Ummm... There's a problem. I wanted to look into possibly making a second character, but it looks like Tone-of-Echoes deleted her old account, and the blank profiles with it...
Should someone maybe upload new copies?
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sanjee-chan Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2014  Student General Artist
Sorry. I read the rules actually but my character is still in progress. Sorry for being such a moron not-smart-person. I thought I could finish my character with you guys.
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hey, sorry for bothering you guys, but when i try and submit a character profile, it won't let me submit to the "Character Info" folder! It's just not there, so how do I submit a profile?
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